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Workshop on Interview Techniques

For Hon’ble Chairmen & Hon’ble Members of the PSC through Defence Institute of Psychological Research was conducted on 15th September, 2017 in the premises of UPSC. The Workshop was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chairman of UPSC and presided over by Dr. Ghanta Chakrapani, Hon’ble Chairman, Telengana PSC and Chairman of Standing Committee of the National Conference of Chairmen of Public Service Commissions. Thirty three participants of 18 Public Service Commissions attended the workshop.

(i) Andhra Pradesh
(ii) Assam
(iii) Chhattisgarh
(iv) Gujarat
(v) Jammu & Kashmir
(vi) Jharkhand
(vii) Karnataka
(viii) Kerala
(ix) Madhya Pradesh
(x) Maharashtra
(xi) Nagaland
(xii) Punjab
(xiii) Sikkim
(xiv) Tamil Nadu
(xv) Tripura
(xvi) Uttarakhand
(xvii) Uttar Pradesh
(xviii) West Bengal