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Workshop for Secretaries

Workshop on “Various provisions relating to Reservation” for the officers of State PSCs was held on 14.6.19 in UPSC. 34 nominations from 23 State PSCs were received, however, 29 participants attended the Workshop.

A Feedback form was circulated to all the participants. Feedback was received from 26 participants, the summary of which is as follows :

  1. All the participants found the workshop useful, were satisfied with the content and arrangements and a few participants wanted the length to be increased to two days.

  2. On the session of the guest faculty, all participants were satisfied but one participant from North East suggested to hold the session in English only.

  3. Participants further suggested to hold workshop on rules and procedure of conduct of examination and preparation of result, legal issues arising on account of procedures, Case studies or some important legal cases or practices from different States should be discussed to know pit falls and best practices.

The recommendations pertaining to holding more workshops are hereby forwarded to the Standing Committee.