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Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of National Conference of Chairpersons of State PSCs is the highest policy making body of a National Conference which steers ahead the decisions of National Conference. The standing Committee has been assisting the National Conference for improving the functioning of the State PSCs and playing a pivotal role over the years in deciding both the important agenda for the National Conference and implementing the decisions taken in the National Conference.

The Standing Committee consists of nine Members of whom 1/3 rd will retire every year. The new members to be inducted will be nominated by the Hon’ble Chairman, UPSC in the National Conference Meeting to be held every year.

In the 21st National Conference Meeting of Chairpersons of State PSCs held at Bhubaneswar on 04th and 05th Feb, 2019, the Standing Committee is re-constituted as follows:


S.No. State PSC Designation Contact No. & Mail ID
1 Prof. Ghanta Chakrapani, Chairman, Telangana State PSC Chairman Standing Committee 040-24606888
2 Prof. P. Udaya Bhaskar, Chairman, Andhra Pradesh PSC Member Standing Committee 0866-2527805
3 Sri Shishir Sinha, Chairman, Bihar PSC Member Standing Committee 0612-2237999
4 Sri Jose Manuel Noronha, Chairman, Goa PSC Member Standing Committee 0832-2223117
5 Sri R.K. Pachnanda, IPS (Retd.), Chairman, Haryana PSC Member Standing Committee 0172-2560352
6 Sri ADV. M. K. Sakeer, Chairman, Kerala PSC Member Standing Committee 0471-2546290
7 Sri Leadingson. M. Sangma, Chairman, Meghalaya PSC Member Standing Committee 0364-2225755
8 Brigadier Laxmi Charan Patnaik (Retd) , Chairman, Odisha PSC Member Standing Committee 09910258523
9 Maj. Gen. Anand Singh Rawat, Chairman, Uttarakhand PSC Member Standing Committee 01334-244143