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Standing Committee submitted a Memorandum on various issues concerning State PSCs

Date :
28 September 2018
Time :
12:00 am - 12:00 am

In pursuance to the decision taken at the 20th National Conference Meeting held at Goa on 12th and 13th January, 2018, a Memorandum was prepared by the Standing Committee on all the long pending issues concerning service conditions of Chairpersons of State PSC and an appointment was sought with Hon’ble President.

Hon’ble President of India was pleased to given an appointment to the Standing Committee on 19.9.2018 at 4.15pm. Accordingly the delegation of Standing Committee led by Prof. Ghanta Chakrapani, Chairman, Telangana State PSC met Honourable President of India Shri Ramanath Kovind at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi and submitted the Memorandum. The Standing Committee delegation comprised of Prof Ghanta Chakrapani, Chairman, Telangana State PSC, Sri Dinesh Dasa,Chairman, Gujarat PSC, Sri Manbir Singh Bhadana, Chairman, Haryana PSC, Adv. M. K. Sakeer, Chairman, Kerala PSC, Sri Abdul Latief Deva, Chairman, Jammu & Kashmir PSC, Sri K.R. Pisda, Chairman, Chattisgarh PSC, Sri Leadingson.M.Sangma, Chairman, Meghalaya PSC, Jose Manuel Noronha, Chairman, Goa PSC and Brigadier L.C. Patnaik (Retd), Chairman, Odisha PSC.

The delegation apprised the Hon’ble President on deliberations and various activities of National Conference of Chairpersons of State PSCs. Hon’ble President evinced keen interest to know the functioning of National Conference and how National Conference is addressing the common issues to improve the functioning of the PSCs in the country. Hon’ble President was briefed about the functioning of the PSCs and the challenges faced by them. Hon’ble President was kind enough to spend more than 20 minutes with the delegation and there was a pleasant interaction with all the members of the Standing Committee.

The Standing Committee submitted a Memorandum on the following issues:

  1. Age of Retirement.
  2. Upgradation and uniformity in Pay and Allowances of Chairpersons and Members of State PSCs.
  3. Warrant of Precedence.
  4. Protection to Chairman and Members.
  5. Administrative and Financial Autonomy.

Hon’ble President was very kind to give a very patient hearing to all the issues enumerated in the Memorandum and also interacted with the Members of the Standing Committee to know more on the issues. The delegation requested Hon’ble President to kindly take up the issues with the appropriate authorities in order resolve them and to help shape the Commissions to effectively discharge their responsibilities in consonance with the true spirit of the Constitution. Hon’ble President opined that the autonomy and integrity of the Commissions need to be maintained for good governance and leadership of the States.

The delegation of Standing Committee thanked Hon’ble President of India for sparing valuable time out of the busy schedule to meet the Standing Committee and for affording an opportunity to bring to his notice some of the long pending issues concerning State PSCs and seeking kind intervention of Hon’ble President for an early resolution of the issues.